Interim Managers

The following is a list of individuals who are available to act as interim managers. They can be contacted directly using the contact information provided.

Gregg Brelsford
(907) 310-7450
Availability: 1-6 mos
Alaska Experience: Manager, Bristol Bay Borough June 2018-June 2020; Executive Director, Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Association, 1980-1985
Education: BA, MPA – University of Alaska, Anchorage; Law degree – Harvard

Gene E. Green
(503) 881-7308
(503) 881-7307
Availability: 3-9 mos
Alaska Experience:  Unalaska Interim City Manager, January 1995 – July 1998 (2) Unalaska Assistant City Manager, January 1998 – July 1998.
Outside Experience:  Molalla City Manager (OR), August 1998 – December 2006: (2) Kearny Town Manager (AZ), January 2013 – January 2014: (3) Damascus City Manager (OR), May 2014 – 2017; City of Dallas Interim City Manager, May 2019 – August 2019; (4) Mt. Angel Interim City Manager, September 2019 – July 2020.
Education: M. Ed. Degree- Boston University: BA Degree, Alaska Pacific University

Chuck Kopp
907.952. 0189
907.444. 1806
Availability: 1-6 mos
Alaska Experience:  City of Kenai Acting Manager, July 2005 – March 2006; Chief of Police, 2002-2008
Education: Bachelors, Criminal Justice, University of Alaska, Anchorage; FBI National Academy for Law enforcement Administration, Session 184, University of Virginia; Management of the Police Agency, University of Louisville

Mark Lynch
Availability:  1-12 mos
Alaska Experience: City Manager, Cordova 4 years;City Manager, Whittier ~4 years; Interim Manager, Bristol Bay Borough June 2020 -current (as of November 2020)
Outside Experience: Hillsboro, WI ~2 years, Fulton County, IL ~2 yrs, Poplar Grove, IL ~2 yrs
Education: Bachelors Political Science & Philosophy and Masters in Public Administration from Illinois State University

Darrell G. Maple
541.261. 3764
Availability: 1-9 mos
Alaska Experience: Haines City Administrator 1980 to 1986; Wrangell City Manager 1991 to 1992
Outside Experience: City Supervisor/Public Works Director South Bend, WA 1978 to 1981; City Manager, City of Crescent City, CA 1988 to 1990
Education: Bachelors Degree in Public Administration

Donald L. Moore
Availability: Until a permanent manager is hired or at the pleasure of the City Council
Education: Bachelor of Science-North Dakota State University. Certificate of Environmental Management-University of Southern California

Dave Palmer
775 848 3974
Availability:  1-3 mos
Alaska Experience: Oct 2006-June 2009, Airport Manager, Juneau International Airport. April 1995-July 2002 City Manager, Juneau, AK. Nov 1991-April 1995 Deputy City Manager, Juneau, AK. April 1989-Nov 1991 City Manager, Petersburg, AK. November 1983-March 1989, City Administrator, Craig, AK
Outside Experience: July 1978-May 1982 City Manager, Toledo, Or 1972-1977 Assistant City Manager, Newport, Or