Our Mission

Strengthening Alaska Municipal Managers by providing professional development, sharing knowledge and connecting communities.

Who We Are

AMMA is professional organization made up of busy and dedicated municipal managers, administrators, chiefs of staff and mayors across Alaska. We strive to provide value to the members.

What We Do

AMMA hosts two annual conferences that bring members together to provide a platform to learn from each other and outside experts around topical issues. Content is Alaska specific, emphasizes both hard and soft skills, and connects managers to resources such as the International City Manager Association (ICMA). We want our members to be sucessful and offer a New Manager Orientation at our fall conference to help new managers connect with seasoned managers. We offer scholarships for travel and accommodations to our fall conference to allow members to participate regardless of their community’s size or budget.

We have three standing committees that help the board carry out this mission:
Communications, Professional Development and Membership.

What we want to do more of.

Support Each Other

Reach out to new managers and members to develop relationships and relevant professional development content using updated materials and sessions that appeal to managers from communities of all sizes and management styles.


Develop a way for managers to connect organically outside of meetings. Maintain and develop AMMA’s relationship with ICMA. Ensure that the con- tact lists for managers and interim managers are updated and available so members can reach out to each other independently.


Use social events, changing up seating arrangements and appropri- ate ice breakers to help develop a sense of community.